The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Life 
and Leadership Back
Become a High Impact Leader (Without Burning Out or Sacrificing Your Health)
So You Can’t Find the Time to Get it All Done?
Years ago, I found myself in a dangerous place as a leader: my ambition was bigger than the time I had to accomplish it. I had more things I wanted to get done than I had hours in a day. And every week, it felt like it got worse. I would put more and more effort in, white-knuckling my laptop late into the night, sacrificing time with my family, exercising, and sleep to try to accomplish my goals. It wasn’t long before I burned out—and burned out hard. It wasn’t pretty. And it’s something I promised myself I would never do again.

Today, I’ve still got big ambitions for my future. That hasn’t changed. But a lot of other things have: I’ve written books, run a podcast and blog, and have grown my church to the largest it’s ever been. All without sacrificing time with my family, exercising, or sleep. In fact, I feel like I have more time than ever before—time I get to invest into my family, church, and goals, without having to sacrifice any of them.

Becoming a High Impact Leader
When I burned out years ago, I had tunnel vision. I thought I needed to put more time and effort to accomplish more. I was sort of right, but mostly wrong, and stubborn enough to stick with a broken system. Because it turns out I didn’t have an ambition problem, and I didn’t have a work ethic problem. I had a leadership problem.

I had to find my way to health as a leader—without sacrificing the goals that God had given me. And that meant a long season of prayer, reading, and seeking counsel, where I slowly learned the key steps to becoming a high impact leader. I realized I’d spent so much time trying to fit more hours into my day. I was mad and angry that I only had 24 hours… It didn’t seem like nearly enough. I didn’t want to accept the limits God gave me. But then I learned more impact didn’t have to mean more hours.

I realized the time problem I had wasn’t really about the number of hours I had in a day. It was about how I was investing the hours I had. I needed to learn how to be efficient in my work life. I needed to become a high impact leader.

Introducing the High Impact Leader Course
I’ve distilled the 10 key lessons I’ve lived by in this new season of my life into an online course. It’s not everything I know about leadership, and certainly not everything that there is to know! But it is the 10 key principles you need to maximize your output as a healthy, sustainable leader. 

The High Impact Leader course is a series of 10 video training sessions with a corresponding workbook to help you build the plan you need to get your life back on track. It’s a system I’ve taught to countless leaders over the last season of my life, and it’s one I want to share with you now. 

It’s got everything you need to get your life and leadership back, including:

  •  The surprising truth behind your 3 most important leadership assets
  • How to get hours of your time back with the fixed calendar
  •  The simple key to aligning your calendar and energy
  • The real truth behind time management (and time management alone will alway let you down)
  •  How to decide what (and who) to spend your time on
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What Leaders Are Saying About The High Impact Leader Online Course:
"Carey is a leader of leaders. His podcast, books and teachings have had a profound impact on my life and leadership. This course will alter the way you manage time and manage priorities!"
Mark Batterson
 Lead Pastor, National Community Church and New York Times Bestselling Author
"Productivity is my love language and that's why I eagerly devoured Carey's insights. The High Impact Leader has helped me do the right tasks at the right time with better results for me, our team, and those we serve."
Kara Powell
PhD, Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute and co-author of Growing Young
"Carey’s course was the perfect way for our team to prepare for the new year. Our team, both collectively and individually, took a fresh look at maximizing our time and leadership gifts for the year ahead. I highly recommend this leadership development resource for you and your team."
Jeff Henderson
Lead Pastor, Gwinnett Church
The Course
This 10-lesson video course also comes with an online workbook practical exercises designed to help you get between 3 hours a week back to 3 hours a day back. That's somewhere between 150 and 1000 hours of newfound productivity in the first year alone.

The 10-session High Impact Leader online course will show you proven strategies on how to finally get time, energy, and priorities working in your favor. 

Each session includes a video training and workbook that will help you personalize a plan to help you get productive and accomplish the very things you know are most important, but rarely have the time for.
The 10 Sessions
  • Time
  •  Three Leadership Assets 
  •  Chart Your Energy 
  •  Chart Your Tasks 
  •  Sync Your Time and Energy 
  •  Decide Ahead of Time (What) 
  •  Decide Ahead of Time (Who) 
  • Move to a Fixed Calendar 
  •  Learn How to Say No Nicely 
  •  Stick With It
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10 Practical Sessions
The High Impact Leader's 10 sessions will show you how to capture time, energy and priorities so you can do what you're best at when you're at your best. Do the course at your personal pace and convenience.
More Than Ideas
Each session builds on the next and shows you how to get time, energy and resources finally working in your favour.
Focused Execution
These aren't just tips or insights. These are strategies that will help you get your life and leadership back, and have you operating at a whole new level of impact at work, at home, in life.
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